Oslo Club Review - The Place Where The Elites Hang Out

Oslo Club Review - The Place Where The Elites Hang Out




Oslo Club Review - The Place Where The Elites Hang Out

Oslo Club Review. When you search for this keyword on Facebook or Tiktok, you can read and see a lot of different articles. Most have the same comment that this is the most fun and classy club in Saigon.

So what's so special about Oslo Club? Let's find out with Topchuyengia experts in the article below!

About Oslo Club

Luxurious space with bold features inside Oslo Club 


When it comes to the top clubs in District 1, no one in the nightlife world does not know the famous name of Oslo. Among the elite, people with taste or influence, they all find that Oslo deserves to be in the top most beautiful clubs in Ho Chi Minh City.

Oslo is a club for genuine players. It is located in a prime location, in the central district and on the arterial road of the city. Oslo resonates greatly when it fully converges elements of a Saigon-class club from quality to architecture that not any club can have.

This place regularly attracts foreign guests, the giants of Saigon, famous people, singers, artists and successful businessmen. It is not uncommon to see a few supercars parked in front of the door of the Oslo Club.

Oslo is ranked quite highly by Tripadvisor for quality of service, drinks, architecture, sound and light (seemingly every aspect). If you are interested and want to know more details, you can click on the following direct link: Oslo Club review on TripAdvisor

Not only that, this is also an ideal place to have fun and gather friends when the atmosphere at the bar is always crowded and full of people. You will rarely or almost never find Oslo empty.

My experiences with Oslo Club

oslo club 1
Gamble Night with 100-million-cash prize at Oslo


First of all, when you set foot in such an interesting and classy club, of course you have to choose a suitable outfit, right? Follow Topchuyengia's article "What to wear to the clubs" to confidently shine at the party.

First, let's talk about the restaurant's menu. When I came here, I was really surprised because the menu was full of very good spirits. Not only alcohol, the bar also serves unique cocktails with new flavors, soft drinks and some snacks when drinking. The menu is well-invested and also has funkyball and shisha flavors for you to choose from.

Oslo Club is also a place where many Vietnamese supercar associations often visit. There are also famous singers and artists who are "caught" playing here such as Angela Phuong Trinh, Lucie Nguyen, Hot tiktoker Kim Chi, Hai Dang Doo...

This club has a very strict guard and security staff, so you can safely enjoy great moments and relax.

What are there in the Oslo Club’s menu? 

The menu of Oslo Club is very diverse from beer, light wine, spirits to cocktails to suit each person's taste. The quality of service in Oslo is no different from a luxurious 5-star restaurant when the permanent staff is always with a number of 15-20 people, ready to meet your needs at all times.

If going to a club, bar, restaurant or hotel, in addition to the quality of the food, the quality of the service is a determining factor whether customers are willing to come back to you a second time or not. If the staff is not happy and always irritable, you will lose interest and never want to go back there again. When you come to Oslo, rest assured that you will always be treated like an emperor. Oslo staff are very enthusiastic, happy and hospitable, from bartenders, waiters to dancers.

Back to this club's menu, let's take a look at some of the signature dishes of this club.

  • There are 6 main wine groups: Rare Sparkling, Champagne, Whiskey, Cognac, Vodka and Tequila with many different types for you to choose from.
  • Multiple Combos including shisha, fruit, hennessy wine with soft drink
  • VIP Packages for groups of many people
  • The accompanying food includes dishes such as: fruit, fries, spring rolls, fish balls, meatballs...

The unique architecture of Oslo Club

The design of the club space in Oslo is a unique highlight that customers will never forget. Other bars often have square designs and straight lines that create a feeling of rigidity and stuffiness for customers.

The interior design of Oslo Club

Oslo is not like that. When coming here, you will be overwhelmed by the strange metal curves with the design of 2 connecting floors. The lighting system is also meticulously invested and classed to create a dim and fuzzy feeling. Wherever you pan the camera, you'll be sure to get good pictures there.

Another special feature is that Oslo regularly organizes events such as a gamble night with a cash prize of up to 100 million VND, creating an atmosphere of full fire for the participants. Oslo also spends heavily to invite leading singers and DJs here to perform such as: Miu Le, HIEUTHHUHAI, Lona Kieu Loan, Karik, DJ Bunny, DJ Cheez, DJ Datsik...

The price range of Oslo Club

Due to being identified as the high-end Club segment, Oslo's prices are somewhat more expensive than other mid-range clubs. It will usually range from 4 to 100 million VND per night. This price will depend on your playability and personal needs. If this is your first time coming to Oslo, you can order soft drinks or light food with affordable prices from 70 to 450 thousand VND.

However, you can rest assured that the price always goes hand in hand with the quality when the bartenders, DJs and staff here are carefully selected and trained. When you come here, you have to say "You get what you pay for". Most customers are satisfied and not too concerned about the price of the Oslo menu.

Oslo is a place to hang out at night in Saigon, suitable for parties, birthdays or gatherings with friends. Hope you have gained more useful information about one of the best clubs in Saigon after this Oslo Club review. You can read more interesting articles like this in our entertainment services section on the website.