Amazing Recreational Spots in Saigon That Will Make Your Day

Amazing Recreational Spots in Saigon That Will Make Your Day




Amazing Recreational Spots in Saigon That Will Make Your Day

If you want to know about the current most appealing and interesting places, you will not want to miss out on this detailed, perfectly from A to Z, article provided by Topchuyengia. We guarantee that your list of fun spots will be a few pages long after you have gone through this post about recreational services!


The Saigonese enjoy going to the cafés or having some wine, or some sorts of cocktails for a relaxing weekend. Therefore, if you want to know where to go and have fun, you certainly cannot skip the entrancing cafés and chilled-out bars in this city. What’s special is that such nighttime attractions are indeed the beauty of the culture and lifestyle of this sleepless city.

drinks at a bar

Cafés for check-in and selfie

  • Ấp Café 
  • Runam Bistro
  • Terrace Café
  • Cheese Coffee
  • Soko Coffee And Tea
  • Cô Ba Café
  • Cộng Café Thảo Điền
  • Rang Coffee
  • Okkio Café
  • Maison Marou
  • Kohi Café


Chilled-out bars/lounges

At night, it’s important to mention the cocktail bars/ lounges to chill in Sai Gon. You can dance the night away with upbeat music or simply take a sip, have a chat and enjoy the scenery out on the streets. All your needs will be amazingly met at these top bars. A few famous brand names are:


“It’s no use preaching to a hungry man,” and you will surely feel lucky to be able to live in Saigon and, at least for once in your life, have a taste of the awesome foods the city has to offer. From Eastern to Western, from domestic to foreign, there is no type of cuisine that you cannot find in Sai Gon.

Vietnamese foods

Sai Gon has all types of food and specialties coming in from all three major regions of the country. Each type is cooked greatly similar to the unique taste of its original region. No major changes in flavors are made thanks to the great number of people moving into the city from all around the nation. Some of the best Vietnamese restaurants recommended to you are:

  • Mộc - Riêu & Nướng
  • Mountain Retreat - Nhà hàng món Việt rooftop 
  • Cục Ta Cục Tác 
  • Đèn Lồng Quán
  • Nhà Hàng Gạo.

vn food

However, the names above are just some of the most distinctive places. There is no shortage of great restaurants and delicious food in Saigon for you to explore and enjoy on every local street. The most appealing trait of Sai Gon’s cuisine is all about the small and common shops, or stalls along the sidewalks with top-quality food.

Eastern food (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, etc.)

If you want to have a bit of a change in taste but still prefer Asian styles, here are some of the best recommendations for you:

  • Parivar Indian Cuisine
  • Little India
  • Sushi Hokkaido Sachi
  • Sorae Sushi Sake & Lounge Restaurant
  • Pachi Pachi restaurant
  • Yoochun cold noodles
  • Matchandeul BBQ
  • K Pub Korean grill
  • Dim Tu Tac
  • Sin Dak Fook


Western food (American, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, etc.)

The western restaurants here in Sai Gon are always packed with so many customers who want to freshen up and cleanse their flavor palettes with milder spices – the signature of western culinary. You can consider the places below:

  • Moo Beef Steak Prime
  • NAMO Tuscan Grill
  • French Restaurant Le Resto
  • Journeys Sandwich Bistro
  • Spanish restaurant Olé
  • French Restaurant L'ORI
  • Trois Gourmands Restaurant
  • Inter Nos Italian Restaurant & Grill
  • Social Club Lounge & Restaurant
  • The LOG Restaurant
  • Blue Diamond
  • Noir-Dining In The Dark
  • Muse Dining & Grill
  • Level 23 Signature Restaurant
  • West Belgo Restaurant.

Sightseeing, walking, going out

Saigon does not have many natural landscapes like other places, but in return, the city landscape is a man-made wonder that everyone must see and recognize. As the busiest economic center of Vietnam, it is not surprising that Saigon is home to massive constructions, skyscrapers with stacked glass, and diverse polymorphs creating a modern and unique signature of the dynamic Saigon. 

Therefore, when it comes to places to walk around in Saigon, you can choose to take a walk in crowded pedestrian streets or go shopping at those fabulous malls.


  • Nguyen Hue Walking Street.
  • Sala residential area in District 2.
  • Thao Dien West Quarter.
  • Landmark 81 - the famous symbol of Saigon.
  • Bitexco - the bamboo shoot-shaped building is too famous.
  • Vincom Shopping Center, Parkson, Takashimaya, Gigamall,
  • Starlight Bridge - Crescent Lake, District 7.
  • Thong Nhat Park, Tao Dan Park, September 23 Park,...

However, somewhere in the middle of this non-stop moving city, there are some historic places to hang out in Saigon for those who are nostalgic:

  • City Post Office.
  • Independent Ding.
  • Nha Rong Harbor.
  • Bach Dang wharf.
  • Ho Chi Minh City Museum of History.
  • City Library.
  • Ben Thanh market.
  • Cho Lon.

Topchuyengia has an article for those who are wondering what to play in Saigon in a day. Surely there will be hundreds of recommended places to go to Saigon that are interesting for you.