Most Famous Bars For Foreigners In District 1 Of Saigon

Most Famous Bars For Foreigners In District 1 Of Saigon




Most Famous Bars For Foreigners In District 1 Of Saigon

If you are looking for the most famous bars for foreigners in District 1 of Saigon, don’t miss this article from Topchuyengia. We have a list of the best spots for your entertainment.

Oslo club - The most entertaining club in District 1

Oslo is a very fun and classy night club

Oslo club is considered the most beautiful bar for foreigners in District 1 in Saigon currently and is always present in the top of the most classy bars in District 1 today.

As a club-oriented bar, the architecture of Oslo Club is full of rebelliousness and personality, but still has a fanciful and luxurious feel. From the outside gate to the moment you go inside, Oslo club has an attractive, inviting but very discreet, separate from the outside world. One thing is for sure, you will not find a bar or club that is as unique and beautifully designed as Oslo.

The highlight at Oslo club is not only the space, but also the music. Every night, this place has exciting, top-notch music performances from the most talented DJs, the best sound system and the most professional dancers. Besides, Oslo club only sells spirits imported directly from abroad, so it can satisfy any fastidious customer. 

Natrix Bar

Natrix bar gives a very chill vibe

When it comes to bars for foreigners in District 1, it is impossible to ignore Natrix bar - a luxurious bar with extremely reasonable prices.

Natrix's space is built to suit all audiences. It is suitable for both those who want to dance to the music and those who like to sit and chat with each other. The bar design helps people sit together to make the atmosphere more cozy. Even if you go alone, you will not feel alone. The music at the Natrix Bar is very hot, no less than the neighbor's Oslo Club. It is played in an open format so customers will never get bored even after coming here many times.


The bar menu at Natrix is ​​extremely diverse with many signature cocktails, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks. The bartenders are recruited from the most skilled people. If you do not know how to order alcohol in the bar, they will consult you extremely enthusiastically. 

TNR Saigon

TNR Saigon is one of the foreigner-focused bars in District 1 in Saigon that attracts a lot of abroad tourists. The inside of the bar is quite spacious. They have vibrant music and many fun entertainment games. You can join the fun, dance with people or sip cocktails at the bar.

If you like bars with a fresh view, TNR Saigon is a suitable choice. In addition, skill games such as darts, billiards, table football, ... will make your evening more interesting. Moreover, this bar also organizes music programs for guests on special occasions that are very warmly received. 

  • Address: 57 Do Quang Dau street, Pham Ngu Lao ward, district 1
  • Opening hours: 20:00 – 5:00

Summer Experiment

If you are a bar lover, you will surely know Layla Eatery & Bar - a very famous District 1 bar for foreigners. So if you want to try a new place but still feel like Layla, go to Summer Experiment, from the same founding team as Layla.

Also tucked away on the first floor of an unpretentious apartment like Layla, Summer Experiment is a great place to spend time relaxing and drinking with friends and family.

The space of this bar is decorated with a lot of trees and a garden like Layla but more luxurious, while Layla is more of a popular bar. Drinks here are raised to a new level when the founder invented many recipes and flavors that stimulate every sip of wine. This is definitely a bar worth checking out in Saigon.

  • Address: 2nd Floor, 77-79 Ly Tu Trong street, Ben Thanh ward, District 1
  • Opening hours: 18g00 - 02g00

In Saigon bar rooftop 

This is a bar in District 1 for foreigners that is located on Huynh Thuc Khang Street with an overhead view, looking down at the bustling and vibrant Nguyen Hue pedestrian street. It is a familiar place for foreign tourists and many young Saigonese.

This place not only sells a variety of beers, wines, cocktails but also has impromptu performances from diners, especially foreign guests. On days when football matches take place, In Saigong is even more crowded because this is the ideal space for people to spend emotional moments together.

  • Address: 29 Huynh Thuc Khang street, District 1
  • Opening hours: 11g00 - 04g00.

The entertainment experts at Topchuyengia hope that you will have a great time at those bars for foreigners in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh city