Natrix Bar Review - Good Music And Classy Wine

Natrix Bar Review - Good Music And Classy Wine




Natrix Bar Review - Good Music And Classy Wine

When you check out the Natrix Bar review, you will find that this is the bar beloved by youngsters in Ho Chi Minh city? How does it become so popular? The experts of entertainment and leisure activities of Topchuyengia might have some ideas right here.

Natrix Bar general review

natrix bar 1
Natrix Bar's chic bar stand

Natrix Bar is no longer a strange name when people look for the top beautiful bars. But that is only for many players today, who love bars and pubs. To introduce to those who do not know and are looking for a high-class bar address to have fun, we would like to introduce the following Natrix Bar review.

Located in the heart of District 1 

Natrix Bar has a prime location, right at 42 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, in the busy central area of District 1. This is the gathering place of many nightlife venues in Saigon. Nearby, there is also a bustling expat area, Bui Vien. If you are looking for bars near Bui Vien, Natrix is also an ideal name for you.

It can be said that with such a beautiful location, you can easily find the Natrix Bar without spending much time. After going to the bar, you can visit other places of entertainment such as eating, watching movies, shopping, ... All are very close and convenient.

Luxurious and romantic interior design 

The space of the Natrix Bar is undisputed when it is considered as one of the most beautiful bars in District 1 today. With a luxurious, modern design and the use of dark tones as the main theme, Natrix Bar creates a magical atmosphere with shimmering lights.

The bar is designed extremely regal with yellow as the main color. It is placed in the middle of the bar so that everyone can sit around cozy. On the shelves are countless famous top-shelf wines imported from abroad. This is also a location that many customers love because they can enjoy the eye-catching performances - flair bartending - from the most professional bartenders.

The DJ table and dance floor are located next to the sofa area, so it can meet all the needs of customers. You can come to sway to the beats or simply sit and sip cocktails and enjoy the music.​

Music, light and sound system - the strong points of Natrix Bar

bar natrix district 1
Excellent music at Natrix Bar


The music at Natrix Bar is really classy and attractive, so it is recognized as one of the best music-playing bars today. Every night, it will have live music performances from top-notch DJs, talented artists and dancers to make the atmosphere more fun and exciting. In particular, the music here is played in an impromptu open format, so each time you come here, you will have different new musical experiences.

Not only that, every night at the Natrix Bar, they hold a musical performance with a very interesting concept to help customers have a lot of new and interesting experiences. Everyone will dress up according to the concept, so this is also considered a playground for those who love makeup.

Besides, Natrix Bar is also very invested in their extremely good sound and light system. Ranked in the Top 3 best sound systems in Vietnam, the sound system at Natrix Bar will help you have the best moments with music.

Delicious food and wine

It can be said that the drink menu at Natrix Bar is extremely diverse. They have a full range from spirits, soft drinks, classic cocktails to signature cocktails, juices, mineral water and soft drinks. Each cocktail here will be prepared by the most skilled bartenders and bring a unique and memorable taste to even the most demanding guest. In addition, they also have drinks created by Natrix's bartender herself. This is also a feature of the restaurant that you should experience.

Not only alcohol, the food at Natrix Bar is a masterpiece when there are many diverse dishes from countries such as America, France, Thailand, Malaysia, ... with 100% standard taste. Especially, there is also a Cheese platter - a famous European snack - a combination of 5 types of cheese and cold meat served with delicious bread and olives.

Surprisingly reasonable pricing

With the high-class experiences that Natrix Bar brings, you will surely be surprised because the prices here are extremely reasonable. Drinks only range from 240 to 280 thousand VND for cocktails, and from 500,000 to 3 million VND if buying wine by bottle. Food at the restaurant ranges from 90,000 to 450,000 VND.

The above article is the most detailed Natrix Bar review about the experiences that this place brings to customers.

From the above Natrix Bar review, you can rest assured to spend a relaxing evening at this chillest bar in Saigon. If you want to know more beautiful bar places, come to Topchuyengia, the entertainment service section right away!