Top 8 Most Popular Bar DJs In Vietnam Nowadays

Top 8 Most Popular Bar DJs In Vietnam Nowadays




Top 8 Most Popular Bar DJs In Vietnam Nowadays

If the bar's DJs play top music, it will make the atmosphere inside more lively and vibrant. However, not everyone knows the hottest DJ names today. Now, let Topchuyengia show you the list of the names of bar DJs that are resonating in Vietnam.

DJ Mie

Real name: Tieu My Truong

DJ Mie is one of the most famous, talented bar DJs in the industry to date. With her experience and talent, Tieu My has excellently won the first place at the Miss DJ 2015 contest. This female DJ also regularly appears and stirs up the atmosphere at the biggest bars in Saigon. The music Mie pursues is more about EDM music. In addition, she also plays Hiphop quite well. In 2017, Mie continued to create a big buzz at The Remix contest, making her name extremely "trendy" on social networks.


DJ Hoang Touliver

Real name: Hoang Nguyen

Touliver is a famous DJ/Producer that no one in the showbiz world does not know and is the husband of singer Toc Tien. He is fondly dubbed by his fans as the "music wizard". Not only that, Touliver is also the founder and leader of the artist group SpaceSpeakers, an organization consisting of many members in many fields such as: music producer, singer, rapper, director ... extremely famous today. His strengths are electronic music and hip hop.


DJ Masew

Real name: Tuan Anh Le

Masew is a Vietnamese music producer, DJ and streamer. He is widely known to the public through the song Tuy Am with the participation of Xesi and Nhatnguyen. This song has received over 3 million streams on Spotify and over 150 million views on YouTube. Following his success, in 2020, he and B Ray and Amee released the songs "Exes Hate Me" and "Do For Love". These two songs have gone viral on the internet at breakneck speed and received enthusiastic reception from the audience.


DJ Wukong - hottest bar DJ right now

Real name: Alfy 

His father is Singaporean and his mother is Malaysian. When appearing on the television program Who Is That, Wukong made the mentors, the female lead and the audience extremely excited by his dashing, playful and extremely handsome appearance. Wukong has become "a real DJ" and is widely known for his explosive energy.

Not only that, Wukong is also quite a famous name in the EDM community in Asia. His stage name comes from the Monkey King of Chinese legend. This name comes from his naughty personality as a child. Wukong is also Asia's first music DJ/producer signed with Liquid State - the management company of two internationally famous DJs, Alan Walker and R3HAB.

DJ Trang Moon - Famous bar DJ

Real name: Quynh Trang Ha

Trang Moon is considered a girl with personality, somewhat naughty and dynamic. She has been studying DJ since the age of 17. With her natural musical ability, Quynh Trang quickly took over the stage and spent nights with the music-loving public at some of the top beautiful bars in SG.

DJ Trang Moon is a notorious bar DJ so she often receives invitations from clubs, discos or bars with the best music. She used to be a "heavyweight" contestant in The Remix contest. Thanks to the perfect collaboration with producer SlimV and singer Son Tung M-TP, she created a fierce buzz. The attraction of young female DJs is increasingly spreading throughout the provinces and cities in Vietnam.

DJ SlimV

Real name: Van Vinh Cao

SlimV is the most talented producer currently in this list of bar DJs. Before that he was known as a DJ and musician. SlimV carries with it intense and powerful burning EDM music. He is always harmonious in transforming, combining and creating Vietnamese-style harmonies. Through music, he wants to convey to listeners the positivity and joy in daily life.

At the time when EDM music gradually blossomed in Vietnam, people only knew the name SlimV. He is a pioneer in bringing EDM music to the Vietnamese market. The turning point in SlimV's career path was probably 2015 when he embarked on The Remix playground with Son Tung MTP, creating a great buzz.

DJ Tilo

Real name: Ba Nhat Trinh

Tilo plays music from small hidden bars in Ho Chi Minh City, and gradually to the big bars in Vietnam. He started from no salary until he succeeded with tip money in one hour worth of 3 times the monthly salary of an office worker. Tilo has gone through an arduous journey to become a professional bar DJ. Now, when he has a name in the industry and is known by many people, he has performed in major entertainment venues in the country and even shows abroad. Not only a DJ himself, he also developed into the field of Producer. There are very few people who know that Tilo is the mysterious character behind the hit mixes of Vietnamese singers.

DJ Trieu Muzik

Real name: Quang Trieu Ta

DJ Trieu Muzik is a young bar DJ from Hanoi. In 2011, Trieu started listening, enjoying and passionate about DJ music. Because he was so eager to make a set of music to his own liking, he tinkered with and learned how to mix music. After a long time of practicing and honing his skills, Trieu has proven his ability and become a professional DJ with many shows in Hanoi and neighboring provinces.

In 2021, he wants to share with people in difficult circumstances. Trieu spent his entire salary working every night at bars and clubs in Hanoi for charity. He has performed at famous clubs in Hanoi such as: New Star 3, The Art Lounge, High Lounge, Luxury Lounge, Begin Club,... During the day, he works at home and teaches those who are passionate about DJ .

The music that he pursues is Vinahouse, Deep House, G House, Progressive House and some other genres.

That is the list of 8 most famous bar DJs today that Topchuyengia compiled according to a survey of a large number of young Saigonese (those who often go to bars). Bar is an entertainment and entertainment service suitable for people with a taste for crappy music. We hope you will have hours of fun and de-stress with your family and friends.